Our Mission

To develop and operate a world class marina in Queenstown that will enhance the region’s economic performance and allow for higher quality and safer lake access for both visitors and residents alike.

Queenstown Marina – Project Aims:

  • Create a vision that enables Queenstown to move on towards its “ideal future”, as an enviable, world class lakeside destination
  • Support Queenstown’s “economic future” in the long term, by enhancing the local and regional economy and creating a thriving full facility marina
  • Promote Queenstown’s “healthy future”, in creating safer and easier access to the Lake for both locals and visitors alike, for generations to come

Phase 1 Release Progress:

Marina berths will be available for occupation on March 1st 2020. Phase 2 is already under design review. To apply for a berth at Queenstown Marina or to lease one of the commercial buildings please complete an online application.

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Project Scope

Construction is now 90% complete on the Queenstown Marina Project and Phase 1 availability has been released.
  • Approximately 80 private and commercial berths available for lease (Phase I)
  • Berths will house a spectrum of boat sizes from 8-18 metres
  • 17 Floating Sheds housing complementary marina businesses are available for private lease
  • Fuelling Services
  • Secure Parking
  • Land based Commercial Buildings including a private members club
Please get in touch if you want to be a part of this project